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Biden Raised Puerto Rican, Gas Prices Soar Again, Polls Swing to GOP, Sneed a Force for Chiefs, Leipold Feels Different

   Under the heading of "you learn something every day" we find out that Joe Biden was raised in a Puerto Rican community in Delaware.   He said this while talking about hurricane relief in Puerto Rico before visiting Florida.  Wow.

   Biden's got his hands full 35 days away from mid terms.  Gas prices reach a record high in Los Angeles and a new poll shows a 10 point swing to the GOP in just the past month.  

   The Chiefs may have a superstar in cornerback L'Jarius Sneed as everyone is talking about how he decoyed Tom Brady before he sacked Brady and stripped the ball.

  And KU coach Lance Leipold is having the week of his professional life and says it feels different than anything he's experienced before.  This is a great week to be a KU fan.


Chiefs Throw Kitchen Sink at Bucs, KU 5-0 w/Gameday Coming, A-Mart Runs Wild, Mizzou So Close

   It's pretty obvious to all of us that watch every snap of every Chiefs game that Andy Reid threw the kitchen sink at Tampa Sunday night as KC just obliterates the Bucs.  The big question is whether this was payback or about this season.  

   I'll share my thoughts on the Chiefs big win, KU getting to 5-0 with College Gameday coming, Adrian Martinez running wild for KSU over Tech and Mizzou's oh so close upset bid against the Dawgs.

   Then, we get the best analysis anywhere as Stan Weber joins us to break it all down in the NFL and CFB.  It' a feast for the ages on KKHI.

Weekend Episode: Spencer’s thoughts on Tua situation, Chiefs-Bucs preview

This weekend is an NFL only episode due to K-State and KU's earlier starts on Saturday. Spencer reacts to the Tua concussion outrage from liberal twitter, and gives his thoughts on the Chiefs-Bucs Sunday night football matchup in Tampa. 

Truth About Tua, Schmitt Scares Dems, New Radio Format Shocker, Chiefs v Bucs, Embiid is American, Point Spread Picks

   There's going to be a lot made about Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa getting knocked out of the game Thursday night against the Bengals, and it's certainly discussion worthy. The Dolphins are in trouble with the NFL, but there are some truths around this you won't hear anywhere else.

   A new piece about Eric Schmitt pretty much concedes he's going to win the Senate seat in Missouri and it's going to be a nightmare for liberals.  This is fun stuff.

   In Miami, the nation's largest radio station company has dumped AM Sports Talk and flipped it to a format that may shock you.  And it's great news!

  We'll preview the Chiefs and Bucs, tip our cap to Joel Embiid and Lee Sterling is here (on fire as he's 4-1 for the patrons this year) with his picks from 


Biden Calls on the Dead, KS Supreme Court Flip, Dems Dirty Playbook, Butker Practices, Mahomes in the Loop

   While Hurricane Ian was making landfall and Florida was being torn apart, our president was having a photo op at the White House where he stammered around and asked if a dead person was in the room.  Worse, the press secretary lost control of her news conference when asked about it.  We have the tape.

   In Kansas, the liberal Supreme Court is on the ballot in November.  They have to be retained and we have an easy way for you to boot them out.

   Dems all over the country are dropping BLM and CRT and anti police information from their websites as they are crashing in polls.  Even worse, a Dem in our own backyard is running ads claiming to be an illegal immigration hawk.  What a joke.

   Harrison Butker was back on the practice field on a limited basis Wednesday, that's good news for the Chiefs who are still scheduled to play in Tampa Sunday night.  

   And we have the story about a story of how the Chiefs keep Patrick Mahomes in the loop on every decision they make. 

Hurricane Vax Redo Goes Viral, ”Thanks USA” for Blowing up Pipeline, KU AD on Keeping Leipold, Royals Attendance Plummets

   The leadup to Hurricane Ian has been a total embarrassment from goofy live coverage to the clips from POTUS hitting a new low for stupid comments.  While millions are trying to stay safe and protect their property, social media is buzzing about comments Biden made previously about prepping for hurricanes.

   The Nord Stream 2 pipeline under the sea from Russia to Germany exploded in three places Tuesday creating a massive environmental problem and Polish officials are thanking the USA for detonating it on purpose.  How do we think Putin is going to take this?

   Kansas Athletic Director Travis Goff is speaking out about keeping his football coach at KU.  Lance Leipold is one hot commodity and as Dennis Dodd of writes, it's making headlines everywhere.

   Andy Reid is getting more and more of the blame for Sunday's loss after botching his timeouts, Dr. Bill Busch and staff from help treat 400 kids for free at Arrowhead this week and the Royals attendance hits a 47 year low.

A Special Announcement and Ryan Lefebvre on Royals Changes

   As we begin year three of the podcast, we have a lot of people to thank and a special announcement on something new for all of us.

   Then,  we take a deep dive into the firing of Royals GM Dayton Moore and the future of the franchise as only Ryan Lefebvre can deliver.  

Football Feast: Chiefs Puke at Indy, Cats Beat OU Again, Daniels Leads KU to 4-0, Mizzou Misery

   It was a crazy weekend of football culminating with a complete train wreck by the Chiefs at Indy.  Let's count the ways KC handed this win to the Colts.

   Kansas State is sending Oklahoma out of this conference with some real butt whippings... this is getting routine for Chris Klieman's Cats.  Stan Weber joins us to touch on all the college games.

   KU has a star quarterback on their hands as Jalon Daniels is the best player in America nobody's heard of yet.  What a show he put on as KU beats Duke to go 4-0.

   And you can't write the scripts for some Mizzou football and basketball game endings... Saturday at Auburn joins the list of all timers. 


Weekend Edition: Chiefs should roll Indy, KU hosts Duke, KSU needs help at QB, MU starts brutal SEC stretch

The Chiefs are coming off a mini-bye and look to take care of the Colts in Indy. The Colts hopes that bringing in an aging veteran QB Matt Ryan would lead to more wins. So far that's a bust. The Colts have looked terrible and the Chiefs are rolling. K-State needs a QB. Plain and simple! KU is expecting a huge crowd with the hawks being 3-0 and they have a 3-0 Duke team coming in. Missouri needs to beat Auburn if they want to go to a bowl game. Riley Gates joins!

Lockdown Laura Backtracks, Trump Wears Ear Piece, Americans are Scared, Chiefs/Colts Keys, CFB Preview and Point Spread Picks

   Lockdown Laura Kelly has really blown it with a new tv spot she's defending... or should we say backtracking from.  She met with the Star editorial board and stepped in another steamy pile as she says the NCAA has a system in place and she defers to them.  Oh, brother. 

   Did anyone else notice President Trump wearing an ear piece in his interview with Sean Hannity?  Why?  It wasn't live and Hannity wasn't wearing one.  

   A new poll asked Americans if they feel safer today or when Trump was president.  The results are just shocking.

   There's one key to the Chiefs beating the Colts Sunday, or should we say one key to beating them easily.  We'll give you the key matchup.

   Also, we preview college football Saturday as 7 big basketball schools are undefeated in football and Lee Sterling of shares his picks for all our area games.

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