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Spencer Speaks: Chiefs Still Looking For Their ”A” Game, NFL Week 7 Preview, Comedian In Hot Water With LGBT Community And Netflix

The Chiefs still haven't shown us the "Chiefs" of the past three years, and the Titans have the best running back in the NFL, which will cause problems for the Chiefs D. Dave Chappelle is being criticized by the LGBT community after his final Netflix special, who paid him $60 million dollars over the last four years. All this and a week 7 NFL preview on a football friday!

An Offer You Can‘t Refuse, Huggins Wants Tourney Change, Lee Sterling Football Picks

   With so many people worried about getting fired over the federal vaccine mandate, we have some information that could make you feel better.  There's millions of Americans worried about their jobs and careers but I heard from a local businessman that has an idea and an offer you can't refuse if you're in that position.

    Bob Huggins is never short on words and he generally has good ideas for college basketball.  At Big 12 media days, Huggins is now proposing to blow up the NCAA Tourney to make more money for the bigger schools.

   And a big NFL week is ahead.  Lee Sterling of is here with his free picks and they best subscription offer yet.  Five sports, ten days, $100.  It's time to give him a try.



Trump Goes Social, Fauci Lied, NBA Star Banned in China, Chiefs v Titans

   It's official, Donald Trump has gone social with a brand new platform cleverly called "Trump Social."  Of course it can help him if he runs for president but nobody knows exactly how successful it may be.  We'll discuss the possibilities.

   A scientist at the National Institute of Health has provided a letter to congress that the U.S. funded gain of function research in Wuhan and that Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Collins both knew about it an lied under oath.

   Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics knows more about international politics and persecution than you and I and it's getting him and his team in some trouble.  The Celtics are now banned in China along with the 76ers, because of a pair of shoes Kanter wore.  This is an incredible story.

   Andy Reid said what we've all been thinking... it's time for the Chiefs to stop talking and start playing.  We preview the Chiefs and Titans game.

Rae‘s Owner Storms Back, DC Out of Touch, MU Lands Top Recruit, Chiefs Eye Linebacker

   Amanda Wohletz owns Rae's Cafe and she isn't taking any crap from anybody.  After Jackson County shut her business down for refusing to follow the stupid mask mandate in restaurants, she has up and moved.  A few miles down the road in Independence, there are no silly mandates and she plans to open the new store in two weeks.

   Normally, the folks in DC are accused of "spinning" the news but we've entered a whole new era.  There's no spinning the border or the prices of everything you buy and the result is the curtain has been pulled down to show us all that these people are just completely out of touch.

   Eliah Drinkwitz is having a bad year at Mizzou but he just got a whole lot of fans off his back when he got a commitment from East St. Louis wide receiver Luther Burden.  This is a big deal.

   And the Chiefs have an eye on acquiring LB/DE Whitney Mercilus after Houston waves goodbye.  This could be a good pickup.

Mandates Being Challenged, Russia More Free than USA, Coach Fired over Vax, Vitale Ready to Fight

   Lawsuits are getting filed all over the place challenging the Federal mandate to get the vaccine.  Health care workers, railroad and union employees, even football coaches are losing their jobs for not getting a shot.  But we are starting to fight back and we should.

   In Russia, they aren't fighting back because not even Vladimir Putin is mandating his citizens to get the shot.  Russia, in the age of Covid, protects more freedoms for its people than the USA.  How sad.

   The coach at Washington State and four of his assistant football coaches are toast after they failed to get the shot prior to the October 18 deadline.  This is just wrong.

  And legendary college basketball coach and announcer Dick Vitale has spent decades raising money to fight cancer.  Now he has his own fight ahead.

Football Feast: Chiefs Stay Alive While Colleges Flounder

   The Chiefs stay alive with a 31-13 win over Washington that was not nearly as easy as the final score indicates.  Stan Weber separates the good from the bad.

   And it was a beautiful day on campus in Lawrence, Columbia in Manhattan but the football teams were total disasters.

   Also, SEC football is blood sport as LSU has fired its national title winning coach right after he beats a ranked rival.  This is nuts.

Instant Reaction: Little Progress as Chiefs Whip Bad Team

   Don't be fooled by a fantastic display the Chiefs put on late against the Redskins.  Remember the first two hours and imagine what the score would have been if the Chiefs were playing a real team.  Oh, wait, we've seen that this year.

  Winning is fun and winning 31-13 is something you never apologize for, but it doesn't seem like the Chiefs have fixed their root problems.

Spencer Speaks: Chiefs on the Road Again in the NFC East, Gruden is Out, KSU, KU, and MU Look to Bounce Back

The Chiefs are a 7-point favorite at Washington, as they look to get back to .500, which is unfamiliar territory for this bunch. The defense has to get better, and fast! Jon Gruden is out as the Raiders coach, so what will he really be remembered for? K-State, MU and KU are all at home this weekend and are in desperate need of a win. Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports joins to talk football as we near the halfway point of the College Football and NFL Season.

It Hurts to Win, KC Star Blasts Andy Reid, David Beaty Exonerated

    There's a lot of pain going around in America this year, but sometimes it hurts to win.  There is no question now that conservatism is on the rise as people who don't normally pay attention see the ills of socialism.

   The Kansas City Star just unloads on Andy Reid after the Chiefs coach wouldn't comment about his friend Jon Gruden.  Andy "slapped every one of his black players in the face" and "white, good ole boys" are just  a couple of the whoppers they bust out while claiming Andy is not a true leader.  Wow!

   And former KU coach David Beaty is completely exonerated by the NCAA's Critical Case Unit.  No such luck for basketball or the athletic department as the CCU announces it is "proceeding" on the rest of the violations.

Cats, Tigers, Jayhawks all Home Underdogs, Chiefs Road Favorite, OU Coach Boots Media

   Lots of football this weekend and the forecast is great for our college campuses.  That's the good news. The bad news is there's a chance everyone loses as they are all underdogs.  We cover colleges, including OU coach Lincoln Riley kicking out all media in Norman.  This is really childish.

  But first, Lee Sterling shares his picks from 

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