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Hawley Leads GOP, Consumers Turn on Companies, KC’s Nicky Lopez Dilemma, $18 Beers at PGA

   Every week, Josh Hawley takes the lead for the GOP on what a true conservative should do, this time rejecting another $40 billion for Ukraine.  He's not flashy, but it's pretty easy to support what he stands for as he always defends his positions brilliantly.

   Consumers are turning on companies that get political by avoiding their products and services.  You know, like libs avoid this podcast.  You won't believe the percentage of American voters that say they are likely to dump somebody over a stance.

   The Royals change hitting coaches, but that isn't going to fix much.  Their real problem is what I call the "Nicky Lopez Dilemma."  We explain.

   In Missouri, a new law will allow coaches at Mizzou to broker money deals for players and if you want to have a beer while you watch Tiger Woods, get ready to shell out $18 for just one can.  Let's Go Brandon.

Downtown Ballpark Timing Troubles, Kurt Busch Flawless at KS, Shooters are Mental Crisis, Fauci Retirement Plan

   The Royals win two of three this weekend over Colorado including their "best win of the year" according to Mike Matheny.  But Royals fans are mostly talking about whether a new downtown ballpark is a good idea.  We break down the sight inside the east loop and if voters even remotely have the stomach to hand over their money to a sports team in America today.

   Kurt Busch gets his first win at Kansas Speedway but his 34th overall in a great career that is mostly overshadowed by his brother Kyle.  This was a flawless race for Kurt and I'll tell you why another driver wanted Kurt to win more than himself.

   We've had three really high profile mass shootings in the past three weeks by men that couldn't be more different.  White, black, Asian... doesn't matter.  They all have one thing in common that never makes the headline.

   And Anthony Fauci says he  has a retirement plan and I  think  he should be fired for saying it.  Seriously. 

Chiefs Schedule Insane, Angels Having Fun, Hollywood Scared of Roe, Musk Unmasking Twitter

   I've never seen anything like the Chiefs 2022 schedule.  It starts with an insanely tough AFC West but the rest is brutal as the Chiefs only have three games out of 17 against teams Vegas has projected  under .500.  This will be hard. 

  While the Royals are having no fun, the Angels are partying like its 1999.  After a rookie pitcher tossed a no-hitter earlier this week, you won't believe what a veteran hitter did in the 8th inning leading 8-0 Thursday night.  We've never, ever seen this.

  A new report out quotes anonymous Hollywood execs and PR leader that say they are "nervous" and "scared" to make comments about Roe v Wade being overturned.  This is another win for America after Disney got pounded by the state of Florida.

  And Elon Musk has Wall Street nervous as he says his purchase of Twitter is on hold.  I think I know exactly what he's doing and if he is, it's brilliant.  

KKHI Convo: Ryan Lefebvre on Rain Days, Sick Days and Pay Days

   Another great chat with our good friend Ryan Lefebvre as we discuss three days off because of rain, three announcers out sick and the crazy pay days for network announcers like Tom Brady cashing in.

   Also... the psychology of a slump and situational hitting versus analytics.  We're talking baseball on KKHI.

Fox Gambles on Brady, Royals Reporters Still Masking, Soccer Player Stinks, Biden Condones Law Breaking, OP Church Targeted

   Fox Sports is making a huge, all in gamble on Tom Brady as the GOAT signs a 10 year for $375 million to broadcast games on the network.  What if he's no good?  It's a real possibility.

   It's shocking to see reporters covering the Royals still wearing masks.... what planet is baseball living on?

  A soccer player in Brazil just stinks at his job and is cut from the team.  You have to hear this story.

   The Wall Street Journal has the best nickname ever for Joe Biden who gets everything wrong.  The latest?  He's encouraging demonstrators to break the law by targeting the homes of Supreme Court Justices.

  A church in Overland Park had signs vandalized by crazy abortion freaks, we need to arrest these people.

Abortion Demos Illegal, Bahamas Deaths Bizarre, Hawley Targets Disney, Royals Worst of Century, Andy Loves Karlaftis

   Well, what do you know.  The demonstrations outside the homes of Supreme Court justices are illegal under federal code 1507 and punishable with fines and a year in jail.  It's time for them to stop.

   Three Americans died over the weekend at a Sandals Resort in the Bahamas and it's bizarre they aren't telling us what happened.  They clearly must know.

   Senator Josh Hawley wants to get rid of something called the "Mickey Mouse Protection Act" which gives Disney copyrights for 120 years at a time.

   A listener has pointed out to me that the flailing Royals are the worst team in MLB this century.  Who knew?

   And Andy Reid says his new pass rusher George Karlaftis has a motor that won't quit... and what Andy wants to do about that is suprising.

Justices Targeted, Musk’s Dire Tweet, MO school Under Fire, Best Derby Ever, Salvy Snapping Slump

   What a shame Supreme Court Justices are targeted by throngs of abortion fans and threatened with violence.  Some reports suggest these great American had to flee to undisclosed locations.

   Elon Musk continues to make news, this time with a Tweet that suggests the Russians are trying to kill him.  

  In Wentzville, Missouri, a teacher has an anti-Republican question on a test that's so outrageous I thought it was an internet joke.  It is not.

  Rich Strike wins the Kentucky Derby and when you hear the back story and how this played out, you'll think it's a made up story that even Hollywood wouldn't accept.

  Salvador Perez comes up with 4 hits in a double header split against Baltimore and maybe it's a sign of things to come and Formula One racing in Miami is a wild success.

Fed Can’t Save Dems, Hawley Exposes Mayorkas, Greitens Gets Court Win, UT RB Gets Lamborghini, Phil Lost $40m Gambling

   Our economy is a mess as the Feds try to bail out Joe Biden.  Here's the trouble, the Feds CAN'T save us and the Democrats  WON'T save us. 

  Missouri Senator Josh Hawley exposes Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his hiring of that wacky "Disinformation Czar."  You wouldn't want  Mayorkas hiring a Walmart greeter he's so bad.

   Missouri Senate candidate Eric Greitens gets a court win that will allow him to get his ex wife's phone records to find out everything Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove had to say about keeping Greitens from winning the seat.

   Texas Longhorns runningback Bijan Robinson has a sweet new ride, isn't college sports fun?  And Phil Mickelson lost $40 million in five years.... gambling.

The Name Game

   Let's call this episode, "The Name Game."  

   This week, so many people have stepped up and said outrageous, crazy and foolish things that it's time to name them all.  

   From the Supreme Court leak to attacks on stage to car wrecks and grand entrances in helicopters, we've got a whole bunch of big names all in one episode!

Trump Now 55-0 in Primaries, RBG Called Roe ”Unstable,” Chappelle Attacked on Stage, Omaha Beats St. Louis, NCAA Wants Crackdown on NIL

   Breitbart News reports that after a clean sweep in Ohio that saw JD Vance get the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, Donald Trump endorsed candidates went 22-0 in the Buckeye state.  And that's 55 in a row for Trump endorsed candidates in primaries.  And wait until you hear the details about voter turnout!  Winning.

   RBG is widely regarded by today's liberals as the greatest Supreme Court Justice ever, so why are they acting the way they are?  RBG called Roe v Wade unstable and a ruling that created controversy.

   Comedian Dave Chappelle is attacked on stage in LA and is just fine.  So is America.  Forget elections and abortion, we're back to normal when we can fixate on celebs.

   The Royals beat the Cardinals 7-1 with an all Omaha flare.  Three rookies led the way and even the game was called by Omaha announcer Jake Eisenberg.  This is a crazy story.

   And the NCAA is having it's spring meetings and they are saying they're about to crackdown on deals like former KSU basketball player Nijel Pack got by transferring to Miami.  What a laugh.  They could have stopped this before it started but let it run wild.  Welcome to America's new pro sports league.

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