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JoCo Vaccine Rollout is Super Spreader, Thrilled Seniors Don’t Care

Taking my mom to get the vaccine on the first day was a blessing, she's so excited.  Me?  Not as much.  Of course I'm thrilled for her and the others in line that were all 80 or older.  Some cried with joy, some needed help and some were just happy to be out of the house.  The staff was more than exceptional, despite having over 500 people in line and some waiting outside in the cold.  It was orderly, professional, euphoric and sad all at once.  I share my range of emotions about these beautiful people that have felt crippled for a year.

Singer Arrested at Arrowhead, Cass County Offers a Parade, Trump Helps my Mom When Biden Says He Can’t

Singer Trey Songz was arrested and charged at Arrowhead for assaulting a police officer.  He was warned 4 times at the game to improve his behavior, so why do I feel like this is going to be some opportunity for media to stick it to Kansas City's finest?  Cass County is stepping in to save us from Mayor Q.... somebody has to.  And my mom is getting the vaccine just days after Biden says there's nothing he can do about the virus.  He's right, Trump did it all for him and my mom's life is about to get better!

Chiefs Shuffle Off Buffalo, Heading to Super Bowl!

The Chiefs have clearly stepped up their game in the post season and just left the upstart Buffalo Bills in the dust in the AFC Championship.  It's hard to say Patrick Mahomes played his best game ever, but let's put it like this.  He's never looked better.  An insane performance for the ages and the Chiefs are headed to Super Bowl 55 to take on Tom Brady and the Bucs.  Stan Weber is here with his thoughts on if we are watching the emergence of one of the greatest dynasties in sports history.

Weekend Edition: Spencer and Former College and NFL QB Rudy Carpenter Let it Fly

Spencer and Rudy, Sirius football analyst and former #12 for Tampa qb, bang it on this weekend's games and politics. This is a 30-something perspective on what matters... and Rudy got a cup of coffee in KC  before Alex Smith and some floppy haired #15 got here.

Mahomes Cleared to Play, Title Game Matchups!

Patrick Mahomes is good to go Sunday in the AFC Championship AND his toe is better.  It just rains good news in Kansas City.  I'll preview the matchup with the Bills and the NFC Title Game between the Packers and Bucs.

Outrageous! Biden’s National Guard Troops Penned up in Parking Garage

It's been the worst two days imaginable for President Biden as we have become the laughing stock of the world.  25,000 troops protecting an inauguration in a ghost town where not one person threatened anything.  Now these troops have been send to sleep on cold concrete in exhaust fume filled parking garages while there still is no security threat.  The world sees this and is shocked.  China and Russia are laughing and our soldiers are pissed. This all happened after this president signed a mask mandate for all of us but not his family, his spokesperson saying we have bigger things to worry about that mask.  Then he killed 11,000 union jobs and refuses to denounce violence in Portland and Seattle.  Ya, UNITY is right around the corner.

All Mahomes News is Great, Bills Fans Dump KC BBQ, Violence Erupts on the Left Again

All news concerning the health of Patrick Mahomes is good news.  Great news, actually.  So why is it so hard to find media outlets reporting it that way?  He did everything in practice the first day they hit the field after Sunday's game. Repeat: All Mahomes news is great at this point, stop worrying.  In Buffalo, grocery stores are pulling Kansas City BBQ sauce from the shelves.  The social media reaction by Kansas Citians is priceless.  And we got our violence around inauguration.  Of course, you didn't hear about it because it wasn't white conservatives burning, smashing, breaking and injuring cops.  

Hard to Watch: My Recap of Inauguration is all You Need to Know.

At KKHI,  we won't treat Joe Biden like the liberal media treated Donald Trump the past four years.  He's our president and that alone affords respect and our hopes that things go well.  But nobody went,  and nobody watched this inauguration that was filled with dishonest speeches and fake unity.  I'll recap this for you like nobody else.  President Clinton fell asleep, Bernie looked cold and tired, Kamala Harris' name got mispronounced and Biden basically called Trump voters racists.  A poet referred to America as coming out of a terrifying hour, a catastrophe and the apocalypse.  Here's to unity!

Simple Guide to Mahomes Saga, KK on KCMO, Bieniemy Hysteria

There is so much contradiction in reporting around the country about Patrick Mahomes injury, we provide a simple guide to what's really going on.  Spoiler:  Don't sweat it, he's going to play.  We spent a few minutes with Pete Mundo talking Chiefs/Bills on KCMO, we'll play some of that.  And would somebody please hire Eric Bieniemy and make this story go away?  Please.

Troops as Political Propaganda, Mahomes Update, KU Struggling like UNC, Duke and Kentucky

While I don't much care about the inauguration this week, I am a disturbed the Dems are using troops as political propaganda.  Can they get any lower than this?  Patrick Mahomes, according to 610 Sports Radio, didn't have a concussion at all.  Why did the rest of the media ignore this story Monday?  And Mahomes now has a public problem with his mom as Randi Mahomes makes national headlines for a tweet about "trash football" being played by the Browns.  She's wrong and it makes her son look bad.  KU gets popped pretty good by Baylor and it looks like KU is out of the Big 12 race.  But three other blue bloods are out of the top 25 for the first time in almost 60 years.  You can thank the FBI and NCAA investigations for leveling the playing field.

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