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Jordan Grills Fauci, Media Peddles Asian Hate, Royals Win Again, Transfer Portal Mess

For many of you that tried to play this podcast Friday on Podbean, you didn't get a "play" button.  I'm publishing it again to see if it works better for you this time.  Thanks to those of you that pointed this out to me as it played every other way and we didn't see any drop off in listenership.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and we'll see if it's better this time.  There's a first for everything and I will be notifying Podbean that this occurred. 

KKHI Convo: JoCo Commish Says No Person or Biz Has Ever Been Cited Over Masks

Johnson County Commissioner Charlotte O'Hara is an anti-mask mandate warrior.  She's filed lawsuits against the Blue Valley School District and walks around everywhere without a mask because she says not a single person or business has been cited over masks in JoCo.  Ever.  She calls out her weak fellow Republican County Commissioners and let's us in on a secret they don't want you to know.  Wherever you live, this conversation is a blueprint for you in your community.

Jordan Grills Fauci, Media Peddles Asian Hate, Royals Win Again, Transfer Portal Mess

It was a jump out of your chair moment to cheer when Rep. Jim Jordan grilled Dr. Tony Fauci on exactly when we can go back to normal.  Spectacular.  I'll play a clip and discuss Jordan's message of Give me Liberty or Give me Death.  When did you first hear of "Asian hate?"  For me, it was recently and only because the liberal media started peddling it.  But they don't really want you to know the facts about who's committing crimes against Asians in America.   

The Royals win again and go to 7-4 in first place.  Can they keep it up?  We break down what needs to get better to keep winning.  And 1,375 division one basketball players have transferred in the past month.  Bill Self has scathing comments on the transfer rules, and I applaud him for saying it.

Underestimating Libs in Charge, Justice by Race and Party, Royals Having Fun

If the Democrats really do find a way to get 4 more justices on the Supreme Court, well, they simply don't care what most Americans think.  I think I've underestimated them as they are trying to pass some of the most unpopular things in America and daring somebody to stop them.  Our justice system is really out of whack.  It seems the only thing that matters right now in whether you are prosecuted or not is skin color or political affiliation.  How Soviet Union of us.  In sports, the Royals start 6-4 despite some obvious flaws.  But man, these guys are having fun playing together through good and bad and that's easy to root for.  Also, a car dealer in Waco gets in trouble on live tv trying to give away a new Jeep to Baylor Coach Scott Drew.

KC Media Scared of Chiefs, Salvy vs. Yadi, Whitlock Twitter Ban

The media in KC are so scared to ask the question of exactly what the Chiefs know, or worse, allowed, leading up to Britt Reid's accident that  it's embarrassing.  A headline in the Star actually reads, "National Media have Questions" about what the Chiefs know.  How sad.  They could have written after this podcast on February 5, "Local Journalist has Questions" about what the Chiefs know.  But instead, everyone else just hides from this story.  Salvy is on a tear to start the year and he actually had a walkoff pickoff to end the game Tuesday against the Angels.  We compare Salvy to Yadi Molina and explore whether Salvy could be a Hall of Famer.  Kamala Harris busts out some whoppers about black women dying "in connection" with childbirth because of racism and Jason Whitlock is in trouble with Twitter for tweeting too much truth.

Riot Season in America, Nobody Wants to Work, Ohtani is a Freak, Left on Left Hate at KU

It's riot season in America and a white lady cop's mistake has things boiling everywhere.  Instead of capitalizing on racism, we choose to look at the facts of what happened in Brooklyn Center, MN.  A sign at a McDonald's drive through is pretty funny, stating that, "nobody wants to work anymore."  But it's becoming a real "systemic" problem we need to address quickly.  Angels star Shohei Ohtani puts on a show at the K as the Royals fall 10-3.  This guy is a freak and you've never seen a baseball player like him.  Ever. And KU is the victim of left on left hate as media are beside themselves that KU has hired a white man to lead the Athletic Department.  They may have a point down the road, but not this time.  We explain why. 

Breaking: Britt Reid Charged with Felony

Former Chiefs coach Britt Reid has been charged with a class D felony for recklessly causing serious physical injury when he wrecked his car on February 4.  Reid has a blood alcohol level of .113 two hours after the accident and had told authorities he had just left work.  This is just a horrible story all the way around.

Happy For a Friend

Sometimes it just feels great to be happy for somebody else.  This is one of those times.  Jason King is a Baylor grad, a conservative Texan, and he's about to unload some info about how Baylor won it all.   You've never heard this before or anywhere else.  Only KKHI.

Pushing Back, Homeless Moved to Hotels, Royals’ Rough Starts

With so many American traditions and norms being kicked to the curb, it's time to push back.  All of us can pitch in and on this episode of KKHI, I've got three shining examples of how different people are doing it in different ways.  In Kansas City, there is an actual Homeless Union and they went on strike forming tent cities until they got free places to live.  So the city has put them up in hotels.  How, exactly, did their leader Qadhafi get into a room without using his real name of James Shelby?  Oh, he didn't?  You gotta hear this story.  A post office letter carrier is attacked in Michigan over stimulus checks, a KU basketball player is trying to go pro and the Royals just can't keep falling behind early in games or this will be a long season.

Tale of 2 Coaches, Tiger Crash Makes no Sense, Lebron Part of MLB Game Moving, Biden Buses

Sean Miller and Bill Self have a lot in common when it comes to college basketball.  Our tale of two coaches Wednesday saw Miller fired while Self and his chancellor were doing interviews about his new lifetime contract.  Truly a strange day.  Tiger Woods' car crash makes no sense, I'm stumped, are you?  An organization tied to Lebron James and others with Al Sharpton and Stacey Abrams are involved in moving the MLB All Star Game as they were threatening to organize a player boycott.  And Joe Biden has already moved 30,000 illegals into swing states on Biden Buses.

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