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Whining Solves Nothing, Supremes Hear Border Case, ”Bronze” Mahomes is Here, KU Deals w/Injuries, Cats Talking Big

   With so much frustration felt by so many conservatives after the last two years, it's pretty obvious that complaining about it all will do nothing.  This was a big issue at a speaking event I emceed Monday night and to be perfectly blunt, it's not who conservatives are.

   One of the ways to get change right now is through legal cases in front of the Supreme Court.  The illegal border policy case starts today as justices will hear arguments that the Biden administration is breaking the law.

  Patrick Mahomes and his wife welcome a baby boy... Bronze Mahomes.

  KU hoops was missing a couple players in an easy win Monday night, we'll have the latest on when they may return. 

   And K-State is feeling really, really good about beating TCU in the Big 12 Championship game Saturday.  Are they right?  Overconfident?  Or just providing bulletin board material?

Football Feast: Chiefs Batter Rams, Bengals up Next, Cats Crush KU- Title Game Saturday, Mizzou/KU Bowl Should be Set

   It's the Football Feast as we discuss just how easy it was for the Chiefs to beat the Rams, even though KC was sloppy at times.  The Bengals are up next and Cincy is hot as they're 7-2 in their last 9.  Stan Weber gives us the scouting report on the surging Bengals.

   The we discuss K-State's dominant win over KU and what the Cats have ahead Saturday in the Big 12 Championship Game.

   And why isn't Kansas vs. Missouri already set as the Liberty Bowl game in Memphis?  This should be the easiest bowl call ever.... and it's feeling like it may not happen.

Hoops Teams are 18-0, Local Engineer Writes Action Thriller

   We hope you had a great holiday but it might not have been as good as the tasty turkey for the KU, KSU and MU basketball teams as they are now a combined 18-0 this year.  And the last two wins came with some deliciously good fortune.

   Then, you'll meet Michael Stewart.  Stewart is an engineer in Topeka who designs roads and highways and such and he's obviously a smart and successful man, raising his family as a great conservative.  Oh, and he listens to this podcast every day.

   Well, Stewart got the itch to write a novel and his concept for the "The Hills be Shaken" is one that seems to fit Hollywood perfectly.  Stewart's website is if you'd like to get an autographed copy or just order it on Amazon.  He's got a great personal story and a book getting great reviews that could be the perfect gift pickup on this Black Friday. 

Rams Crippled Coming to KC, Leipold Gets New Deal, Trophy Game for Mizzou, Lee Sterling’s Picks

   Happy Thanksgiving to all and we're pretty sure you'll be mixing if some football with your feast so here's your weekend preview. 

   The Chiefs get a crippled Rams team that's in last place it what was supposed to be a great matchup.

   KU and KSU battle Saturday night and Jayhawks coach Lance Leipold will coach with a fat new contract.

   Mizzou tries get get bowl eligible against Arkansas and Lee Sterling of is offering up his college blowout of the year.  Enjoy!

Hall Monitors Flee Twitter, Passan Disingenuous on Shift, CBS’ Awful Week, Model Selling Virginity, USA is Bad at Soccer, Leipold Likes KU Response

   Twitter is like junior high, maybe that's why they call some nut jobs on the left "hall monitors."  These people are fleeing the site and we're all better for it.

   In journalism, it's cool to say you're leaving Twitter but not cool to say why.  ESPN's Jeff Passan, who lives in KC, says he's moving all his breaking stories to Instagram but stops short of insulting Elon Musk or conservatives.  Wait until you hear the ridiculous reason he says he's doing this.  Just tell the truth.

   CBS News tried to leave Twitter but came back in just 36 hours.  And that was just the beginning of their horrible week.

   An 18 year old model is selling her virginity to go to Oxford Business school.  You have to hear how much she's been offered and what this could mean moving forward.

   News flash... the United States is not good at soccer.

    And KU coach Lance Leipold is in full coach mode right now with his team falling apart the past few weeks.  He says he sees one thing that has him feeling really good this week.

Football Feast: Chargers Try Again, KU-KSU Game in Spotlight, Tigers Look for Bowl Bid

   The Los Angeles Chargers tried and tried and tried to beat the Chiefs Sunday night.  But come on, how are you going to beat Patrick Mahomes if you leave him nearly two minutes on the clock?   Those poor Chargers are so close.... yet so far from winning the AFC West.

   As Stan Weber joins us from the beach, we talk Chiefs, NFL and all our area college teams.  It's a big game in Manhattan Saturday night as K-State has a chance to beat KU and go to the Big 12 Title game.

   And in Columbia Friday, the Tigers take on the Razorbacks with bowl eligibility on the line.  We've got it all on the Football Feast.

On the Air with Good Friends

   It was a fun week doing some interviews elsewhere but a pair of them stood out and thought you might like to hear them.

   First, it's really fun sports talk with Scott Kaplan and Crew in Southern California.  I've known Scott for over 20 years and he always brings up interesting topics.  topics like sports owners in California failing after their daddy left them a team.  Quite a contrast to KC.  And, if you'd like... I will give you the info on how to see this interview on You Tube.

   Then Pete Mundo from KCMO Talk Radio asked me to join him to discus the possibility of a new downtown ballpark for the Royals.  Pete's always on point.

Pelosi’s Calamity Won’t go Away, Chargers Receivers will Decide Game, Cats Rooting for KU, Lee Sterling’s Point Spread Picks

   Nancy Pelosi announced she's resigning from leadership but let's be certain about one thing, she isn't going away.  There will be interviews, documentaries and behind the scenes control she won't be able to relinquish.  They'll talk about greatness, but her legacy is she's leaving behind a calamity on the American public.  

   The Chiefs have a huge game against the Chargers that everyone expects KC to just go win.  But the Chargers receivers will have something to say about this as Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are ready to use their advantage on the KC defense.  I expect this to be a really hard game.

   K-State fans are rooting like crazy for KU this week, Mizzou has a shot in the arm game in the non-con and Lee Sterling of has his college football underdog of the year this week.


Frustration Over Narratives, TKC Names Royals Top Site, Leawood Hero Cops go Viral, AFC West Can be Won Sunday Night

   It's so frustrating with all the information available to Americans that the left continues to control the narratives by reporting lies for 24 hours before quietly correcting stories.  And all anyone believes is what they heard first.  

   Now it's happening in KC with the Royals wanting a new $2 billion ballpark that is all sunshine and unicorns. has a lead story today about where the park will be located and what it will do to a longstanding, proud community.

   The Leawood Police have gone viral in a great way after body cam footage shows a group of officers saving a woman from underneath her burning car.

   And while the Chiefs can't lose the AFC West Sunday night against the Chargers, it's pretty obvious they can win the division.  We'll break it down for you.

3 Big Things: Trump is In, KU Self-Like w/out Coach, Royals Want $2 Billion Stadium

   We pride ourselves in featuring a large number of issues on the podcast but this time we focus on Three Big Things.  

   Trump is running after a low key, presidential speech.  KU looks like KU without head coach Bill Self.  And Royals owner John Sherman wants at least $2 billion for a new ballpark.

   We also manage to sneak in just a couple words on Mizzou busting out 105 points and K-State settling on Will Howard as their starting quarterback.

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