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Big 12 Needs Expansion, Mizzou Peril Ahead, Anti Racist Roads, Recession is Here

   With USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten, the Big 12 suddenly finds itself in solid position as the third most stable conference in college athletics.  That means one thing and one thing only... it's time to get aggressive and expand.  I've got two plans for you.

   Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, who lives in KC, brings up the possibility of the SEC going after two more giant football schools like Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State or Miami and booting Mizzou and Vanderbilt to make room for them.  This is getting crazy.

   We had a pair of Amtrak derailments and thousand of flights cancelled this week, so what is our transportation secretary talking about?  A billion dollar project for anti racist roads.  Unreal.

   And the Atlanta Fed says the quarter GDP dropped, which could be considered the first actual indicator of recession.  Also, Tim Allen blasts the woke new "Lightyear" movie and Kenny Chesney is headed to Arrowhead.

New Crime Stat Shocks, G7/Putin Mock Each Other, Greinke’s Milestone, Big 12 Moving to Hoops League, Howard Stern Hot Air

   We know violent crime in America is through the roof but there is a shocking new murder statistic that could be the key to why so many people are not afraid to commit these crimes.

   The G7 leaders and Vladimir Putin keep trading jabs at each other mocking their lifestyles.  Are these really the people with nuclear codes or 8 year olds on a playground?

   Royals pitcher Zack Greinke hits quite a milestone as the Royals beat the Rangers.

   The Big 12's hiring of Brett Yormark is a pretty clear move that this league is moving away from football and toward basketball as the emphasis and identity of the league.

   And shock jock Howard Stern says he's probably running for president.  Wait until you hear his three issue platform.

Rural Trains Part of Deadly Life, ”Value Them Both” Too Confusing, KCMO to Pay for KS Abortions, Standing O for Vinnie

   We've received a lot of feedback from residents near Mendon, Missouri where the Amtrak train crashed killing 4.  I'll share a couple very personal emails about living in rural places where deadly train accidents are part of life.

   "Value Them Both" is on the Kansas ballot August 2 and unless there's a smarter way to campaign for the Yes vote, thousands of people are going to read it and have no idea which way to vote.

   The Kansas City Missouri City Council is going to vote to approve $300 to any city employee that wants an abortion so they can go across the state line into Kansas to have it performed.

   And something wild happened at the K on Tuesday night as Vinnie Pasquantino made his Major League debut.  He got a standing ovation and his appearance also sold a whole bunch of walkup tickets.  Also... the LIV Golf tourney this week in Portland has a way better field than the John Deere Classic on the PGA Tour.  This is getting interesting.

NHL Reporter Crosses Line, Greinke Disses Fan, Vinnie’s Road to Royals, Amtrak Crash Predicted, SCOTUS Case I Want to Win

   A reporter covering the Stanley Cup Finals crossed the line in the locker room celebrating with the Avalanche players and then posted it on social.  There has to be more to this story.

   Royals pitcher Zack Greinke has allegedly dissed a Royals fan in a big way.  Some think its funny.

   Meanwhile, Vinnie Pasquantino has arrived at the K in his 2015 Ford Escape.  His journey to KC is one to celebrate and he's easy to root for.

   The Amtrak crash about an hour from KC has killed three and injured 50.  All the locals say they predicted this would happen and one man has been trying to get signals at three crossings there for over two years.

   And there's one more SCOTUS case that we're waiting on and for me, this is a bigger deal than the cases grabbing the headlines.   I'll fill you in on one that could change America for the better going forward.

Pelosi Push Says it All, Rocker Moving to England Over Roe, Millions Switching to GOP, LeBron Name Change Coming

   Nancy Pelosi pushed new Congresswoman Mayra Flores' daughter at a photo op, treating the little girl like a dog.  This move says it all.

   The lead singer of rock band Green Day says he's moving to England over the SCOTUS decision on abortion.  Just one problem for this knucklehead, he hasn't compared England's abortion laws to California's where he lives.  What a fool.

    Over a million Dems have re-registered as Republicans this year and it's all over the country.  The loudest alarm bell is in the suburbs.  Uh oh.

   The Royals lose two of three and will be on a unique Peacock streaming event this Sunday, the Stanley Cup is held high by Colorado, Kaepernick had a workout described as a "disaster" and LeBron James is going to have to rename his new company because the name he picked is wildly offensive..... in Africa!  Wait until you hear this translation.

KU’s Big Year Continues at Draft, KC is New Lib Fave, Note Cards for Dummies, AZ Pol Disses CNN, DeSantis Leads Trump

   This historic year for KU hoops continues with a smashing success at the NBA Draft as Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun get picked in the first round.  These KU teammates were AAU teammates for years and now they are famously national champs and draft buddies.  What a story.

   The Washington Post has targeted KC as the biggest winner of the World Cup and says with migrants pouring into the middle of the country, we are the perfect place  to the "the new heartland's cultural hub."  And a local billionaire agrees.

    Joe Biden's team clearly prints out note cards for dummies.... it's amazing how they speak to him on those cards.  It's all so avoidable as are most of his gaffes.

   In Arizona, Kari Lake is running for governor and the strong conservative had a phenomenal response to a CNN reporter that asked for an interview.  We'll play it for you.

   And Ron DeSantis leads Trump in a GOP poll in New Hampshire.  What is going to happen with these two candidates going forward?


Big Week for SCOTUS, Mayor Q Wants More Women, Ohtani Freak Show, Tyreek Still Flapping

   A major ruling from the Supreme Court protects the Second Amendment and it's just an appetizer before a couple more huge rulings are expected to be announced.

   Mayor Q says he wants to double the amount of women employed at the police department.  He's trying to act like a progressive looking for gender equity but he's not.  We give the real reason he wants more women.

  The Royals got the best of Shohei Ohtani this week.  This freak show drove in 8 runs and then the next night struck out 13 batters.  He's truly one of a kind.

   And former Chief Tyreek Hill just keeps flapping his mouth... this time... he's lashing out at Chiefs fans.

WC Bait and Switch Begins, OP Theft Lady, Griner/Terrorist Swap, Witt Jr Goes Off, PGA Tour Copies LIV, Lasso Skips Slick,

    While projecting last week that a bait and switch could be in play the next few years with KC's Billionaires bringing the World Cup to Arrowhead, I never would have predicted something as absurd as the $50 million we are already on the hook for to tear up the stadium for FIFA.  Local authorities suddenly have no answer on where the money is coming from.  

   A woman in Overland Park is a serial thief and the kind of story that would make a great movie.... she lives in a fabulous home near 137th and Horton.  Her latest heist was at Scheel's and after years of ripping off stores, she's finally going to jail for real.

   There are stories circulating that Biden's plan to get WNBA star Britney Griner home from Russia is to swap her for a terrorist called the "Merchant of Death."

   Bobby Witt Jr. goes off with a pair of home runs and an rbi double in a wild 12-11 win over the Angels in 11 innings.  He's a can't miss superstar.

   KC's current superstar of stars, Patrick Mahomes, is getting a lot of ink about how moving his trainer to KC is getting him into the best shape of his life.  We'll see.

  The PGA Tour has already decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  The Tour has plans to copy the new LIV league... exactly.   And Big Slick is this weekend and Ted Lasso won't be here.  But it's a great reason... he's filming the next season of Ted Lasso!  Now that's a good swap.

Colbert Wrong on Arrests, Mo GOP Goes After Greitens, Griner’s Wife Livid, Bally+ Debut, Dad’s Year of Catch

   We start with late night political activist Stephen Colbert lying about his staff after 7 members were arrested at the US Capitol June 16.  They most certainly were not "being professional" or "doing their jobs."

   GOP politicians in Missouri are running from Eric Greitens in droves after he releases a more than controversial ad depicting violence against his own party.

   Britney Griner, the WNBA star detained in Russia, is getting very little help from the US Government according to her wife Cherelle.  An African American, lesbian married couple that's famous is getting "zero" help from a federal government totally controlled by Dems?  How is that possible?

   Bally Sports plus debuts this week for $19.99 a month, Greg Olsen talks about being more than a seat filler for Tom Brady at Fox Sports and one Missouri dad is on quite a journey this year to play catch 365 days in a row to honor the son he lost in a car accident.

Greitens Gets Attention w/AD, KK Finishes Former Podcast, Cali Baseball Stories with Ryan

   We briefly touch on Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greiten's new internet ad that is getting national attention, I finish the last segment from Monday's earlier podcast because I messed up and forgot something I promised and Ryan Lefebvre is here.

   Ryan grew up in LA where the Royals open a series Monday night. It was in LA Ryan began racking up some amazing stories of almost getting kicked out of a game as a 9 year old bat boy, celebrating with Griffey and Griffey after the son and the dad hit back to back homers and how he rooted against the pitcher that gave him his first big league glove.... while the man was tossing a no hitter.  Amazing. 

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