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610 Sports Radio: Nerve Knocked Mahomes Out, No Concussion

Afternoon drive host Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City reports that Patrick Mahomes didn't suffer a concussion Sunday, his wobble was the result of a nerve in his neck being pinched on the tackle.  We discuss if this is good or bad.  And I was on KCMO 710 with Chris Stigall talking about Aaron Rodgers and of course, the Chiefs.

Hennethingispossible at Arrowhead

It's not supposed to be easy... but it was looking that way Sunday in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Arrowhead.  Then Patrick Mahomes got knocked out of the game and all of the sudden, Henne Thing Is Possible.  What a game.  I'll break it down and then Stan Weber will join me with next level analysis and opinion.

Weekend Edition: Spencer Loves Chiefs and Talks Royals Off Season Moves

It's the  weekend edition of KKHI and Spencer is here completely fired up for the Chiefs and Browns.  He's also impressed with what the Royals have done this off season.  

Kelce’s Big Opportunity, NFL Crushes Covid, Rodgers the Republican and the Other Three Games

We go deep into the Chiefs/Browns matchup Sunday at Arrowhead and if the Browns play their regular defense, Travis Kelce should crush it.  Will they change to stop him and open things up for Tyreek Hill?  The NFL had plenty of players hospitalized this year, but not because of Covid.  Almost a million tests conducted... it's crazy what we've done to appease the virus freaks.  Aaron Rodgers goes after hypocrite Dems on a podcast this week... you'll love this.  And I share my thoughts about the the other three games this weekend and who I like.

Bama’s Place in History and NFL Playoff Weekend Preview

Lee Sterling is here to compare Alabama to two other great college football teams and decide the greatest of all time.  And we break down all four NFL Divisional Playoff games... I'm ready!  Are you?

Mayor Q Caves, Female Repubs Blast Dems, KK on Chiefs w/ Pete Mundo,

Well what do you know, Mayor Q is lifting some of his stupid Covid restrictions and, you guessed it, it's not why he says.  I'll tell you the real reason he is easing them now... it's all about him.  A pair of female freshmen Republicans are all up in Nancy Pelosi's kitchen, I'll play some great audio for you.  I was on KCMO Talk Radio 710 with Pete Mundo breaking down the Chiefs and Browns... it was spirited.  And they just keep arresting rioters from the capitol that turn out to be Antifa.

Bye Bye Facebook, Schumer Schooled on Street, KU Has Issues, Chiefs Playoff Points Machine, Professor Shamed over Covid

I've made a decision to part with Facebook boosting since they seem bent on cancelling millions of Americans.  Chuck Schumer gets lit up on the street in NY, we have the audio.  KU loses at OSU but they have bigger issues than a couple losses.  We ask the big question if this is the new normal in college hoops without paying players.  The Chiefs have some amazing scoring numbers in the post season that has me fired up for Sunday!  And a professor at Illinois guaranteed college football players would die of Covid this year.  How does he still have a job?

Saban G.O.A.T., Eagles Look at Chiefs Coach, Hunt gets Personal, Mayor Q Sneaks to Games During Covid

Alabama and Nick Saban are officially the greatest of all time and I'll share the story of Saban "lucking" into becoming a coach.  Stan Weber talks about the Eagles firing Doug Pederson and whether their plan is to hire Chiefs passing game coordinator Mike Kafka.  Kareem Hunt says Sunday is personal and Mayor Q has been sneaking into Chiefs games during Covid while restricting the rest of us.

Browns are Serious, JT Gay Slur, Censorship and Socialism are Here

For whatever reason, Cleveland has been the team I didn't want the Chiefs to face.  They can run it, Kareem Hunt is their second best back.  The other teams, the Chiefs have handled.  Maybe it's just the unknown, but KC will have to play it's best game in weeks to win.  Justin Thomas uses a gay slur on the golf course and the mic caught him.  How come this slur has been censored and I can't find it anywhere, but I can watch a video of Ashli Babbit being shot at killed at the Capitol?  And Trump and Parler and all kinds of things are locked down by big tech.  Censorship is the KEY element to Socialism.  Welcome to a new America with one party control telling us all how to live and think.

Hot NFL Wildcard and National Championship Picks

It's a huge weekend of NFL wildcard games and Lee Sterling is here from to share is thoughts on the betting lines.  Plus, his pick for the college football National Title game.

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