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Biden Has Duty, Trial Tests Scared Jurors, Hawley‘s Parents Bill, Roos Beat Mizzou, SNF Ratings

   As we watch the president stammer and stumble, reports are surfacing there is chaos behind the scenes.  This is not a surprise at any White House, but the president has a duty to all Americans to fire, accept resignations or demote staff that are causing problems.  And he hasn't.

   The Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial is about as close to a slam dunk self defense case as you'll find.  So what's being tested here?  A scared jury.  Will these people fear violence and perhaps personal problems if they acquit Rittenhouse?

   Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is introducing a "parents rights" bill as it pertains to public schooling.  It's so great there are no words and I dare a democrat to speak out against it.

   The Kansas City Kangaroos beat the Missouri Tigers 80-66.  Does that headline sound like a Ted Lasso episode?  Well, KC's coach has a lot of things in common with the fictional character... and a local football coach.

   Sunday was an epic showdown for television networks as the Chiefs played the Raiders, Yellowstone episode two aired and Adele and Oprah has big interview and music event.  I've got the ratings for you.


Football Feast: Everybody Wins!

   What incredible weekend of football as the Chiefs rout the Raiders and take over first place in the AFC West.  But even that paled in comparison to the thrilling drama of KU winning 57-56 at Texas on a two point conversion.  It was a game... and a win... for the ages.

   Kansas State is on a roll, make it four in a row for the suddenly surging Wildcats.  And Mizzou's Tyler Badie carries the Tigers to victory over South Carolina.  Stan Weber is here to break it all down. 

Spencer Speaks: Chiefs ”Find a Way to Win Attitude”, K-State is Back On Track, KU Plays Texas For Last Time, MU Has a Must Win

The Chiefs have 8 remaining games, and five of them are against their division. Sunday night in Las Vegas is very crucial for the Chiefs playoff hopes. K-State has their season back on track, but can they snap their 5-game losing streak to West Virginia? KU plays Texas for the last time in the for seeable future, and they are 31 point underdogs. If Missouri wants a chance at playing in a Bowl Game, they must beat South Carolina at home. Riley Gates of 24/7 Sports joins Spencer Kietzman to talk football. 

CDC Comes Clean, America‘s Best Judge, Chiefs/Raiders Preview, Dirty Pizza

   The CDC comes clean as a truly shocking and under reported fact is out about Americans that have had covid but didn't get the jab.  You won't believe this when you hear it.

   Judge Bruce Schroeder is the judge in the Rittenhouse trial and we here at KKHI nominate him as America's best judge.  Of course, the left is unhinged by his tie, his phone ringer and his salute to veterans.  This could only be controversial if you hate America.

   We'll talk about the Chiefs game plan this week against the Raiders and talk a little Wildcats, Tigers and Jayhawks, too.

   And a Pizzeria in Florida has a line out the door selling dirty pizzas.  You'll hear the rest of the story on KKHI.

Fun with Fauci, US Last to Mask Kids, Pigskin Picks

   Let's call this the greatest hits edition of KKHI as we play for you a clip of Anthony Fauci predicting thousands of kids will die in American homes if they live with somebody that has AIDS.  He was wrong then and, incredibly, still wrong about kids today.

   We have a Fauci parody song that's outstanding and getting a ton of views on Youtube, a listener tipped me off.  You'll like "Pure Blooded" the parody of Foreigner's "Hot Blooded" as it just rips Fauci and the vaccine booster madness.

  And of course Lee Sterling of shares his thoughts on the Chiefs/Raiders,  MU/USC and KSU/WV along with plenty of other pro and college picks.

Salute to Veterans, 2nd Grader Rips Board, LIBron Wrong Again, Libs Dump on Vax, Chiefs and OBJ?

   We have a salute to veterans theme on this episode featuring a terrific song at the end written for vets called, "Mr. Red, White and Blue."  We know you will like it.

   A second grader in Tampa appears before the school board for a second time after being suspended 38 times for not wearing a mask.  She crushes them, we'll play it for you.

  LIBron James is wrong again after some really stupid comments on social media about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

  Every day now, more and more libs are speaking out that the vaccine isn't all that it's cracked up to be, Bill Gates now calls it a failure.  Ouch, this is really falling about for the Rona Freaks.

   Are the Chiefs really pursuing Odell Beckham jr?  It's impossible to tell from comments by Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes.  And the "Mexicutioner" Joakim Soria retires after 14 incredible years in MLB.


Scary Mahomes Theory, KU Rolls, Inflation Hits New High, Covid to Climate

   There's a bunch of theories in the media and in conversations with your friends why Patrick Mahomes is playing so poorly and I reject all of them.  We've discussed the possibility there is behind the scenes chaos at Arrowhead, but nobody knows that.  There can only be one other thing and it's scary as heck for Chiefs fans.

   The Kansas Jayhawks dismantled Michigan State to start the college basketball season as Ochai Agbaji shreds Sparty for 29.  Remy Martin and the rest of the vets impressed too, but the scary part for opponents is a trio of freshman sprinkled in to provide a spark.

    New inflation numbers are out and everything is up 6.2% from Donald Trump's last month in office.  That officially means most Americans are worse off than a year ago.  How dumb is this country to not know this would happen with Dems in charge of everything.

   And Covid 19 fear is fading everywhere, so liberals are pushing back with more on climate change.  It's their permanent scare to voters as weather will never end.

Court Slams Mandate, KU Ready for Sparty, Vermes‘ Epic Rant, Remembering Christa Patrick

   The 5th Circuit Court slams Joe Biden's mandate that businesses with 100 employees or more must require the vax or fire the employees.  Another week, another loss for this wobbly president.

   There's  a movement to re-name Johnson County, Kansas.  You have to hear the ridiculous solution they have come up with to strip the honor away from a man that died 155 years ago.

   Number 3 Kansas starts the college basketball season against an unranked Michigan State team.  On paper, this looks like a mismatch.  But the first game of the season, ask any coach, is a wildcard even if you're loaded with veteran studs like KU.

   SKC's Peter Vermes had an epic rant after MLS officials just blew the worst call of the year in Sunday's loss to Salt Lake.   Typically of the brilliant Vermes, this is not whining over a missed call... no.. he says this type of thing is why the NFL is America's favorite sport and not soccer.  You have to hear it.

   And we remember Christa Patrick, who was the board operator and engineer of "Between the Lines" for over three years.  She sadly died of cancer at the far too young age of 51.

Football Feast: Chiefs Win Ugly, NFL Upsets, KSU Rolling

   The Chiefs have a face only a mother could love... they are that ugly.  But they catch the biggest break of any team in the NFL this year by getting the Packers without Aaron Rodgers.  Take the win, keep grinding, figure out who and what you are and play your best ball in January.  That's the plan and Stan Weber is here to let us know if they can pull it off.

   Meanwhile, the rest of the league was bonkers Sunday.  The Bills, Cowboys, Bengals, Saints and Raiders all getting undressed.  Such fun.

   And K-State manhandles KU Saturday and don't look now but the Cats are suddenly on a roll.


Mail-in Rules Must Change, Dems Wrong on Spending, Mahomes is NOT Hurt, Crazy KU/KSU Recruiting Story

   Now we are seeing local school board races flip in the days after polls close and the whole way we vote in America has become a joke.  Mail-in voting needs to be complete and counted well before election day to restore confidence in the system.

   Dems actually think they lost elections this week because they didn't spend $5 trillion on a bunch of useless crap when the truth is Americans are sending a strong signal they want the government to do nothing.

   Reporters that predicted the Chiefs would be 15-2 this year are writing crazy stuff all over the country about a conspiracy that Patrick Mahomes is hurt.  The truth is, the only thing holding him back is between his ears.

   And the week of the Sunflower Showdown, we have a recruiting story between KU and K-State that has to be the first of its kind, ever. 

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