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First Impression vs. Truth, Mo Voters Like Taxes, KU in Transition, Masters Prediction

We've always been told first impressions are everything, but isn't the truth even more important than that?  The Biden administration is challenging this at every turn as they peddle falsehoods that take hold, only to be proven wrong by the truth.  What wins?  We dive in to that big question.  Missouri voters hit the polls this week and voted yes to pretty much everything that raises taxes, including the KCMO earnings tax.  I guess we are optimistic and think these people know how to spend the money.  KU athletics is in a transition year, big time.  We talk about the hiring of new AD Travis Goff and why Bill Self is losing a coach to Chris Beard.  The replacement at KU is a no brainer.  And I'll share with you who I want to win the Masters and who I actually think will win.

ASG Backfires, Manfred is Member at Augusta National, Royals Surge, Baylor Blisters Zags

What exactly is a "version of the truth?"  Well, it's very popular for liberals to say something is their version of the truth which means a lie is coming out of their mouth after they say it.  The latest is the All Star Game controversy where their version is a "racist voter Id law" that somehow moved the game from 57% black Atlanta to 9% black Denver.  What a mess they are in.  Commish Rob Manfred claims he made the decision to move the game.  How dumb is this really smart guy?  Did he not know we would figure out he's a member at the most exclusive club in the world, Augusta National Golf Club... in GEORGIA?  Fools.  Danny Duffy is stellar for the 3-1 Royals, Baylor blisters the Zags in the title game and Paul Pierce is fired after his stripper party went live stream on Instagram.

Game Moving Hurts Dems, Royals Starters Struggle, Self’s New Deal, Jason Sudeikis’ $1100 Sweater

So the Dems rounded up some fake help in the media and get the All Star Game moved out of Georgia over an election law.  But they're too dull to realize its the deep blue city of Atlanta that loses out.  $100 million economic hit where the Dems live and they think they helped their voters?  The Royals starting pitching isn't working out... three games, three big deficits.  But they won 2 of 3.  Bill Self has a new lifetime contract, we'll tell you why this took place.  And actor Jason Sudeikis wins a big award but it's the $1100 sweater he was wearing that's getting all the attention.

Weekend Edition: Royal Bats and Final 4 Classic

Spencer loves the way the Royals are swinging it and dives into an instant classic Final 4 semi final game.

Mahomes’ Empire, Matheny Impresses, Roy Retires, Equal Pay for WNBA, Big Mistake at Border

Patrick Mahomes made a splash with his family at opening day and we're reminded he's a small owner in the Royals group.  But he did an interview recently with a financial publication and says he wants to build a financial "empire."  Mike Matheny's comments after the Royals 14-10 win are pretty much the kind of thing you or I would say... I'm becoming a fan.  Roy Williams has packed up his 903 wins and 3 national titles and called it a career.  We will talk about why right now is the perfect time.  NBA star Draymond Green says he's tired of seeing women athletes complain they make millions less than men.  It's stirring a conversation that the NBA should start taking some of it's revenue for WNBA salaries.  Uh oh.  And we all know the terrible things that happen to people who walk for a month to get to the U.S. border.  But our government and media a problem too.  Why we should never have shown the world the 3 year old and 5 year old kids dropped over a fence are ok.

Instant Reaction: Royals New Lineup and American Flag Waving is a Hit

Opening day is in the books... and records were set.  The Royals 14-10 win over the Rangers is the longest 9 inning game in team history at 4 hours and 26 minutes.  The pitching was awful, but everything else was great.  The new lineup looks legit and the new ownership put on a flag waving, covid ending, Stealth Bomber flying pregame show that came at the perfect time.  Let's get back to life, let's get back to baseball!

MLB Opens with Biden Controversy, NFL Back to Normal, Journo Wants Unfair Journalism

The Major League Baseball season is starting and what do you know, the liberals are stoking up a fake controversy.  The President and the head of the MLB Players Association want the All Star game moved out of Georgia because they have passed a voter ID law.  Wow.  The NFL says teams that vaccinate can go back to normal work environments, I love the sound of that.  A big time tv journalist says, "fairness is overrated" in journalism in a speech while winning an award.  Journalism is dead.  And it's now believed 80% of all women that journey to the U.S. to enter illegally, are raped.  They don't give stats for the children, it must be awful.  What a black eye for America to condone this.

Sproles, Other Athletes Allegedly Defrauded, Biden Can’t Even Control his Dog, NFL Plans Sold Out Crowds

It's one of the saddest things of my career, seeing athletes go broke after making millions.  The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a Kansas City investment advisor for allegedly ripping off Darren Sproles, Will Shields, Paul George and others.  The man lived in my neighborhood, you want to hear this.  We give you info on the Chauvin trial you won't get anywhere else.  Joe Biden has a border problem with lice and covid outbreaks, he's raising your taxes and his dog bit another person at the White House.  Ya, Trump had problems.  And commish Roger Goodell expects sell out crowds in the NFL this fall.... thank goodness somebody is saying it.  A new Hummer sells for a record price for charity, your Pizza Hut is changing and Spongebob is cancelled.  We have it all on this episode of KKHI. 

Kings of Cactus League, Baylor Coach Speaks Out, Illegal Kids w/Covid Get in Person Learning

The Royals finish spring training with the best record in Arizona, 16-8-4.  With the season starting Thursday, we take a look at what it will take to get past Cleveland and challenge Chicago and Minnesota at the top of the division.  Baylor made the  Final Four, Baylor's women did not.  They get a bad non call at the end of a two point loss to Uconn but what Baylor coach Kim Mulkey said after the game is the best part.  About the call and about Covid testing.  She's really something.  The San Diego Convention Center is housing hundreds of illegal alien children and we're giving them everything.  Now, teachers that don't want to go to school to teach American kids are going into the Covid infested convention center to teach illegals.  Also, a poll of sports fans is bad news for leagues and My Pillow founder Mike Lindell makes a crazy prediction.



Chauvin Trial Begins, Royals Second Base Surprise, Sherman Raffling Ring

The Derek Chauvin trial begins in Minneapolis and if opening statements matter, this trial is all but over.  The Prosecuting attorney is completely likeable and played the awful 9 minute video for the jury.  Facts are supposed to matter, but when you see that video, how will he be acquitted?  The Royals are apparently surprising us all by moving Whit Merrifield to second base and putting a rookie in Right Field.  We have the details.  And former Chiefs Anthony Sherman is raffling off an AFC title ring for a great cause.

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