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Trump Goes Social, Fauci Lied, NBA Star Banned in China, Chiefs v Titans

October 21, 2021

   It's official, Donald Trump has gone social with a brand new platform cleverly called "Trump Social."  Of course it can help him if he runs for president but nobody knows exactly how successful it may be.  We'll discuss the possibilities.

   A scientist at the National Institute of Health has provided a letter to congress that the U.S. funded gain of function research in Wuhan and that Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Collins both knew about it an lied under oath.

   Enes Kanter of the Boston Celtics knows more about international politics and persecution than you and I and it's getting him and his team in some trouble.  The Celtics are now banned in China along with the 76ers, because of a pair of shoes Kanter wore.  This is an incredible story.

   Andy Reid said what we've all been thinking... it's time for the Chiefs to stop talking and start playing.  We preview the Chiefs and Titans game.