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Tiger Story Just Beginning, KU/Self Prep for Baylor, Cuomo is Fraud, Cat Fight in Congress

February 25, 2021

Everyone is relieved Tiger Woods survived a horrible car crash but this story is just beginning.  When a Chief Medical Officer continues to say we should all pray for him going forward, you know it's bad.  Now, there are some coming forward saying it was not a dangerous stretch of the road he was on, typical reporting.  Now we don't know who to believe.  KU coach Bill Self says he's focused on playing Baylor and how it could matter when the NCAA committee seeds the field.  He's right, but this is still an odd change for KU.  Governor Andrew Cuomo is a fraud and embarrassment and should resign.  We should have known how full of it he is when he wrote a book about himself during a pandemic.  There's a cat fight in Congress and 5 counties in this American state want to move next door to a different state.