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Sproles, Other Athletes Allegedly Defrauded, Biden Can’t Even Control his Dog, NFL Plans Sold Out Crowds

March 31, 2021

It's one of the saddest things of my career, seeing athletes go broke after making millions.  The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating a Kansas City investment advisor for allegedly ripping off Darren Sproles, Will Shields, Paul George and others.  The man lived in my neighborhood, you want to hear this.  We give you info on the Chauvin trial you won't get anywhere else.  Joe Biden has a border problem with lice and covid outbreaks, he's raising your taxes and his dog bit another person at the White House.  Ya, Trump had problems.  And commish Roger Goodell expects sell out crowds in the NFL this fall.... thank goodness somebody is saying it.  A new Hummer sells for a record price for charity, your Pizza Hut is changing and Spongebob is cancelled.  We have it all on this episode of KKHI.