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Rae‘s Owner Storms Back, DC Out of Touch, MU Lands Top Recruit, Chiefs Eye Linebacker

October 20, 2021

   Amanda Wohletz owns Rae's Cafe and she isn't taking any crap from anybody.  After Jackson County shut her business down for refusing to follow the stupid mask mandate in restaurants, she has up and moved.  A few miles down the road in Independence, there are no silly mandates and she plans to open the new store in two weeks.

   Normally, the folks in DC are accused of "spinning" the news but we've entered a whole new era.  There's no spinning the border or the prices of everything you buy and the result is the curtain has been pulled down to show us all that these people are just completely out of touch.

   Eliah Drinkwitz is having a bad year at Mizzou but he just got a whole lot of fans off his back when he got a commitment from East St. Louis wide receiver Luther Burden.  This is a big deal.

   And the Chiefs have an eye on acquiring LB/DE Whitney Mercilus after Houston waves goodbye.  This could be a good pickup.