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Mayor Q’s Bad Week, Liz’s Bad Day, Chiefs Bad Practice; Musk Wants Man U, $4.4m White Marlin

August 17, 2022

   Mayor Q, like any good politician, can't stay out of the news.  But this week, I think he wishes he could as he's got fires to put out everywhere.

   Liz Cheney had a bad day Tuesday and is out of Congress.  Trump is, one by one, waving goodbye to his Republican turncoats and it's glorious.

   The Chiefs defense had a horrible practice after their first pre season game... and it was effort that has the coaches fuming.  Not good.

  Elon Musk says he's buying Manchester United,  a Little League World Series player is badly hurt in a horrible accident in his room and a White Marlin off the coast of Maryland is worth a whopping $4.4 million.