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Mandates Being Challenged, Russia More Free than USA, Coach Fired over Vax, Vitale Ready to Fight

October 19, 2021

   Lawsuits are getting filed all over the place challenging the Federal mandate to get the vaccine.  Health care workers, railroad and union employees, even football coaches are losing their jobs for not getting a shot.  But we are starting to fight back and we should.

   In Russia, they aren't fighting back because not even Vladimir Putin is mandating his citizens to get the shot.  Russia, in the age of Covid, protects more freedoms for its people than the USA.  How sad.

   The coach at Washington State and four of his assistant football coaches are toast after they failed to get the shot prior to the October 18 deadline.  This is just wrong.

  And legendary college basketball coach and announcer Dick Vitale has spent decades raising money to fight cancer.  Now he has his own fight ahead.