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Mahomes’ Empire, Matheny Impresses, Roy Retires, Equal Pay for WNBA, Big Mistake at Border

April 2, 2021

Patrick Mahomes made a splash with his family at opening day and we're reminded he's a small owner in the Royals group.  But he did an interview recently with a financial publication and says he wants to build a financial "empire."  Mike Matheny's comments after the Royals 14-10 win are pretty much the kind of thing you or I would say... I'm becoming a fan.  Roy Williams has packed up his 903 wins and 3 national titles and called it a career.  We will talk about why right now is the perfect time.  NBA star Draymond Green says he's tired of seeing women athletes complain they make millions less than men.  It's stirring a conversation that the NBA should start taking some of it's revenue for WNBA salaries.  Uh oh.  And we all know the terrible things that happen to people who walk for a month to get to the U.S. border.  But our government and media a problem too.  Why we should never have shown the world the 3 year old and 5 year old kids dropped over a fence are ok.