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GOP Too Cocky, ”Flu-Rona” is Next, Chiefs Ref Crew Were Half Subs, KSU Big Fave

January 4, 2022

   The GOP is counting chickens before they hatch and it must stop.  Great polling is great news but it has nothing to do with November's election.  Not yet.

   "Flu-Rona" is about to be the next fear peddled to Americans by the left.  Can you imagine how scared millions of people are about to be when they find out they can have the flu and covid at the same time? 

   The crew that officiated the Chiefs-Bengals game was a total mess and now we know why.  Never has an 8 person crew had 4 substitute officials called in for a game, including referee Ron Torbert.  The Chiefs good fortune in games turned when this happened.  We'll explain.

   And Kansas State is now a 7 point favorite over LSU in the Texas Bowl on some websites.  The reason?  LSU only has 39 scholarship players for the game.  But aren't those 39 players that K-State couldn't ever possibly get in recruting?