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Freedom to Cheat Act, Cotton Mocks Schumer, Bill Gates Changes Tune, Prince Andrew’s Teeth

January 13, 2022

   This episode is loaded with goodies as the Dems try to permanently change the way we vote in order for them to get one party control of America.  It's called the "Freedom to Vote" act and it's name is over the top even for liberals.

   Senator Tom Cotton proved how absurd all this is as the Dems want to change the filibuster in the Senate to pass it... Cotton gave a speech on the floor of the Senate that was written by Chuck Schumer years  ago.  Classic.

   Bill Gates seems to be some sort of authority on Covid and after two years of being wrong, he's joining common sense Americans now in saying we should start treating this thing like the seasonal flu.  Thank you.

   Joe Biden's poll numbers hit an even lower low, Mitch McConnel calls him "profoundly unpresidential" and what the heck is up with Prince Andrew's teeth.  It's all good fun.