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FBI Stops Trump Ally, Musk Sells $6.9b for Twitter, KC Sportswriter Goes Trans, Mahomes: Chiefs ”a lot different”

August 10, 2022

   It's not enough for the FBI to raid Trump's house, now they are getting warrants to take phones from his allies.  Congressman Scott Perry was stopped by the FBI on vacation and took his phone from him right in front of his family.

   Elon Musk is moving forward to buy Twitter and has sold almost $7 billion in Tesla stock to make it happen.

   A longtime sports writer in KC announces on social media they are switching genders just in time to receive an award.

   Patrick Mahomes says the Chiefs will be "a lot different" this year and that's a good thing.  MU at KSU is just three weeks away... one poll has the Cats as big faves and we can all learn a lesson from a little league player in Oklahoma who lost a game but won big.