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Chiefs Crush It, Ministry of Truth Follows Musk, Royals/Yankees, KS Legalizes Sports Betting

April 29, 2022

   After the wide receiver crop didn't fall the way of the Chiefs, they absolutely crushed it with their two first round selections.  A trade up for a cornerback and having their edge rusher fall to the 30th pick was the perfect night.

   We've mentioned, short of the U.S. going to war, Elon Musk buying Twitter is the biggest story in America this year.  Everything going forward will be a reaction to this, just watch.  48 hours in and Homeland Security has decided it now needs a "Disinformation Board" to combat the truth on the right.  We are having a peaceful civil war in this country.

   The Royals host the Yankees on Apple+ Friday night as they go forward without shortstop Adalberto Mondesi.

   Kansas legalizes sports wagering, a late night host is calling it quits and a family makes $5 million off 800 golf balls.