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Bruce Weber Slams KU on Way Out, KSU Needs $8m for Underwood, Expert has Russia Solution, UFC Fighter Speaks Truth

March 10, 2022

   Wow, we didn't see this coming.  Bruce Weber likely coached his last game at Kansas State Wednesday night and gave a tearful speech on camera on his faith, his love for KSU and his utter disdain for programs like KU that get caught cheating.  I mean, wow.  You been wondering about his freaky long hair?  He tells us why.  You can't make this up.

  When it's official that Weber is out, they'd better go big.  If AD Gene Taylor doesn't have the money to buy out Illinois coach Brad Underwood, a K-State grad, he may not want to even do this at all.  

   A foreign policy expert at the Heritage Foundation has a solution to getting Russia out of Ukraine and it's bold.  But it doesn't involve the U.S. fighting or lobbing nukes.  We'll tell you what it is.

   And UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell is being mocked by liberals.  Why?  Well, he speaks the truth and represents most Americans and you know how threatening that is to the Uniparty.