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Biden Forgets Mayor Q‘s Name, Hispanic Vote Grows for GOP, Dems More Biased, Costas Slams NBA on China

December 9, 2021

   One has to feel bad that Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has worked  hard to climb the ladder in DC and become well known for future elections, only to get disrespected.  So you'll have to excuse me if I feel a little sorry for this hard working opportunist when the President forgot his name during a bumbling speech about nothing in KC on Wednesday.

   Some incredible new polling has been released that shows Hispanic voters are now evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.  While another poll shows college students that are Democrats are nearly 8 times more biased than their fellow students that are Republicans.

   And even liberal Bob Costas is piling on the NBA for it's hypocrisy supporting the America sucks crowd and it's silence on China.