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ASG Backfires, Manfred is Member at Augusta National, Royals Surge, Baylor Blisters Zags

April 6, 2021

What exactly is a "version of the truth?"  Well, it's very popular for liberals to say something is their version of the truth which means a lie is coming out of their mouth after they say it.  The latest is the All Star Game controversy where their version is a "racist voter Id law" that somehow moved the game from 57% black Atlanta to 9% black Denver.  What a mess they are in.  Commish Rob Manfred claims he made the decision to move the game.  How dumb is this really smart guy?  Did he not know we would figure out he's a member at the most exclusive club in the world, Augusta National Golf Club... in GEORGIA?  Fools.  Danny Duffy is stellar for the 3-1 Royals, Baylor blisters the Zags in the title game and Paul Pierce is fired after his stripper party went live stream on Instagram.