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Bye Bye Brady, KU Fizzles, Chiefs Author David Smale

Call this the Bye Bye Brady game as it's likely the last time the Chiefs will ever play against Tom Brady, we break it down.  KU's defense fizzles and players are commenting the unity patch on their jersey is more important than the name Kansas.  What's  this mean?  And David Smale has written 21 books and I think his latest is his best.  "The Keys to the Kingdom" is the perfect gift for any Chiefs fan, available at .   David is here to talk about it.

A Conversation with PGA Tour Pro Robert Streb

Robert Streb dominated the field in Sea Island, Georgia for three days and had a three shot lead entering the final round.  He played well on Sunday, but everyone else was going low.  Really low.  His lead was gone, he had three holes to go.  On the line?  An exemption through 2023, over $1million and entries into the Tourney of Champions, the Players, the PGA and of course, the Masters.  You can imagine the pressure. What happened next was remarkable and Robert Streb is here to talk about how he pulled it together and won.

Podgecast: A Little of Everything

This hodgepodge episode is so full of topics, we call it a Podgecast.  A new member of Congress is a 33 year old woman that owns a bar in western Colorado and she's going to wear a Glock on her hip in the House.  Sportscaster Shannon Sharpe is trying too hard to find racism, we'll give him a pass this time. A brewery in Detroit is sideways with Barry Sanders, a funny brawl breaks out in a 12 hour line for hamburgers and if you've ever pondered "Ginger or Maryann?"... well, we answer that question once and for all.

Time for Thanks, Faves on a Roll, Gambler Stays in Hospital?

We're thankful for so much this week and we start with sage words from George Washington.  And I don't think he'd mind if he knew we love football and maybe even wager on the games.  Thanksgiving favorites are on a roll... but it's a basketball underdog I have my sights set on.  Lee Sterling of has all the lines and the story of a friend in the hospital with Covid, that didn't want to be released.  It's the greatest gambler superstition story ever.

KU/Zags Covid Clear, Tom Brady is Sitting Duck, New Jeopardy Host

KU and Gonzaga are Covid clear and ready to launch the CBB season Thanksgiving Day. I can't wait.  But the media want it al shut down and some coaches are already saying the tourney should be cancelled.... 5 months from now.  Haven't we heard this before?  Tom Brady is a statue in the pocket that doesn't want to get hit.  If Frank Clark and Chris Jones bring any heat Sunday, the Chiefs will turn this into a rout.  And there's a new interim host for the game show Jeopardy... I'll tell you who it is and who else wants the job permanently. 

Playoff Picture, Where’s the Rush? and Big Week for Mizzou

We take a deep dive into what it will take for the Chiefs to get the one seed in the AFC.  A big part of it will be finding a pass rush from Frank Clark and Chris Jones, a pair that's very quiet these days.  The Missouri Tigers shake off Covid to move to third place in the SEC East and get Arkansas and former coach Barry Odom this week.  KSU has more problems than Covid, it isn't pretty.  And the KC Star gloats over a Covid "denier" that now has a tube in his throat.  How sick is that?


Instant Reaction: Chiefs Clock Raiders

It was quite simply the most beautifully managed game I've ever seen.  The last 90 seconds of the first half and the last 90 seconds of the game showed how far Andy Reid has come managing his spectacular football team like an NBA coach getting 2 for 1 possessions.  In this huge game, it was all the difference in the world.

Weekend with Spencer: Kliff Kingsbury (KK) Has Issues in Loss, Chiefs Ready for Raiders

Spencer Kietzman has Issues with the way former  Texas Tech coach and current AZ Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury  handles a game... without Patrick Mahomes. Also, how the Masters will be different in the spring and a couple Jack Harry stories from a kid that looks up to him.  And a  set up for Chiefs/Raiders and all the NFL matchups on Sunday.

Meet the Sponsor: Jeff Schrader

Once a month we like for you to have an opportunity to get to know a sponsor of the podcast.  This episode, meet Jeff Schrader of .   He never knew his career path would be animal health but after decades working in the industry, his "retirement" business is a line of products for your pet.  Jeff likes to travel, golf, fly fish and LOVES a good wine.  You've got a new friend, meet Jeff Schrader.

MU Hits Road, Cats Battle Covid, Chiefs Ready for Raiders

Every game we like this weekend has quite a sub story.  The Missouri Tigers face a team in turmoil as South Carolina just fired its head coach.  Kansas State has big time Covid issues this week and they have Farmageddon with Iowa State.  This game will have a huge impact on who's in the Big 12 title game.  And the Chiefs and Raiders have what we are calling the bulletin board game.  There's been so much gamesmanship and smack talk, who wouldn't look forward to this rematch.  Stan Weber breaks down all the matchups for us!

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