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Football Feast with Stan Weber and Tribute to Alex Gordon

It's a huge football weekend with the SEC starting play and the Chiefs/Ravens topping it off with a Monday night matchup for the ages.  Stan breaks it down and we remember the great career of life long Royal Alex Gordon.

Gene Taylor Proud of Big 12 for Leading the Way in College Football

Kansas State Athletic Director Gene Taylor has his hands full.  Dozens of football players out BECAUSE of Covid, not WITH Covid.  Like everyone else, declining revenue and now some upset fans about the BLM logo on KSU's uniforms.  But you won't find anyone more open and honest to speak with... which makes him perfect for this conversation.  He's proud the Big 12 paved the way for CFB in 2020.

Paramount Sports College and NFL Point Spread Picks

Paramount Sports' Lee Sterling is 3-0 on Thursday nights for KKHI Patrons and you can get his Thursday pick by signing up right now.  Sterling nailed his biggest play of the year last week when UCF clobbered Georgia Tech and he joins us to talk about the Chiefs/Ravens and other games that may or may not be part of his service.

KC’s Second Biggest Star is Crushing it

The second biggest superstar in KC is just crushing it, does anyone notice?  Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson spent the offseason with a unique practice habit to fix his downfield passing, we dive in to whether it will work long term.  Cities all across the country had chaos Wednesday night after a grand jury ruled it's ok for cops to shoot back when fired upon.  Yes, you read that right.  And one of the all time KU and NFL greats, Gale Sayers, has died.  He leaves quite a legacy.

Mahomes vs Jackson and CFB is Not Failing Despite What You Will Hear

You're about to be slammed with news that CFB is failing but don't believe it.  It's the same people that told you there would be no football this year.  None.  The NFL is rocking as CFB has a different set of issues.  And will Monday Night's big game be billed as AFC Championship Preview or Mahomes v Jackson.  Also, why Rachel Nichols is mad at the NBA, ESPN's Max Kellerman has absolutely lost his mind and why the Plaza Art Fair is ok to attend but not a pool party or a bike rally.

Thank You for Being Here… Let’s have a Beer!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support in launching the podcast and let you know we are having a football watch party Sunday at 2:00 for the patrons.  Go to if you want to join us!  

Another Child Shot and Killed in KCMO is Sickening

Yet another child is shot and killed in KCMO, a 22month old boy.  When will this madness stop?  And in sports, the Chiefs are a rare underdog against the Ravens.   Plus, Nebraska is mad at the Big Ten again.  And they should be as the Huskers got the same gift the SEC gave Mizzou.

Kevin Yoder Excited to See if Trump and Senate Get New Justice Confirmed

Former Representative from Kansas District 3,  Kevin Yoder , is here to discuss Amanda Adkins' chances of winning in November.  Also, find out what seat Yoder has his eye on in the future and whether he thinks President Trump and the Senate will confirm a new Supreme Court Justice.

Chiefs Have Work to do After Beating Chargers and a Big Fight is Brewing in DC

The Chiefs sloppy play in their first two games won't be good enough the next two games.  And the biggest fight you've ever seen is about to break out in the nation's capital.

Mistakes Abound but Amazing Chiefs Keep Winning

It was ugly from the start.  Mistake after mistake and one frustration after the other.  But the amazing Chiefs really are this good.  23-20 in OT, here's the instant commentary.

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