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KU Opponents Scared, Mahomes’ Jersey Gift, Leach Calls Tech ”Sleezy”, Rand Paul Blasts Fauci

December 28, 2021

   College basketball doesn't look like a serious sport right now.  KU has had three straight opponents cancel on them, the latest because of "injuries and Covid concerns."  What?  Injuries?  The Big 12 blew it when it changed the rules of what happens when you say you can't play and it's hurting KU more than anyone.

   An official for USA Swimming has resigned in protest of Lia Thomas competing for Penn as a female.  You have to hear what Cynthia Millen has to say about this scandal.

   Patrick Mahomes gives a signed jersey to a little kid in Dallas for Christmas.  But that's just the start of this funny story.

   Mississippi State coach Mike Leach continues to blow up his former employers at Texas Tech prior to tonight's Liberty Bowl where Leach faces Tech.  This is classic Pirate.

   And it's a very slow news week but it doesn't keep Ran Paul from lighting up Tony Fauci... this just gets better and better.