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It Hurts to Win, KC Star Blasts Andy Reid, David Beaty Exonerated

October 15, 2021

    There's a lot of pain going around in America this year, but sometimes it hurts to win.  There is no question now that conservatism is on the rise as people who don't normally pay attention see the ills of socialism.

   The Kansas City Star just unloads on Andy Reid after the Chiefs coach wouldn't comment about his friend Jon Gruden.  Andy "slapped every one of his black players in the face" and "white, good ole boys" are just  a couple of the whoppers they bust out while claiming Andy is not a true leader.  Wow!

   And former KU coach David Beaty is completely exonerated by the NCAA's Critical Case Unit.  No such luck for basketball or the athletic department as the CCU announces it is "proceeding" on the rest of the violations.