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Game Moving Hurts Dems, Royals Starters Struggle, Self’s New Deal, Jason Sudeikis’ $1100 Sweater

April 5, 2021

So the Dems rounded up some fake help in the media and get the All Star Game moved out of Georgia over an election law.  But they're too dull to realize its the deep blue city of Atlanta that loses out.  $100 million economic hit where the Dems live and they think they helped their voters?  The Royals starting pitching isn't working out... three games, three big deficits.  But they won 2 of 3.  Bill Self has a new lifetime contract, we'll tell you why this took place.  And actor Jason Sudeikis wins a big award but it's the $1100 sweater he was wearing that's getting all the attention.