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Dem’s New Buzzword, Frontier Justice Sued, Remy Martin Toast of New Year, Chiefs Covid Free

December 30, 2021

   It's so obvious when Dems sink their teeth into a new term or battle cry and they have one for the upcoming 2022 mid terms.  Their new play in the book for the new year is downright comical and a desperate attempt to reverse brutally bad polls. 

   Frontier Justice is accused of being racist in a lawsuit filed by a woman who says she was profiled for being Muslim.  This sounds like a total reach, we have the details.

   KU Guard Remy Martin is the toast of the New Year as Bill Self has done a 180 and is now praising his star guard, just in time for Big 12 play.  Pretty sure we could see this coming.

   And the Chiefs test out Covid free across the board as one injured starter returns to practice as another remains sidelined leading up to a HUGE game against the Bengals.