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Browns are Serious, JT Gay Slur, Censorship and Socialism are Here

January 11, 2021

For whatever reason, Cleveland has been the team I didn't want the Chiefs to face.  They can run it, Kareem Hunt is their second best back.  The other teams, the Chiefs have handled.  Maybe it's just the unknown, but KC will have to play it's best game in weeks to win.  Justin Thomas uses a gay slur on the golf course and the mic caught him.  How come this slur has been censored and I can't find it anywhere, but I can watch a video of Ashli Babbit being shot at killed at the Capitol?  And Trump and Parler and all kinds of things are locked down by big tech.  Censorship is the KEY element to Socialism.  Welcome to a new America with one party control telling us all how to live and think.